Frequently asked questions about being a
Super Medics Verified Instructor

What makes Super Medics different to other kids first aid?

As far as we are aware, we are the only first aid training organisation for Kids in the UK that verifies its instructors to ensure that they are qualified, DBS checked and insured. This is important to our core group of customers – schools, clubs & community groups. But we believe what makes us different is a lot more than just that! 

We’ve developed the content for Super Medics with kids – they’ve actively been involved in how we have communicated and illustrated each subject. We continually strive to test and refine the content with the involvement of children from our target age groups. This is at the heart of what we believe is different about our offering – which we’re told by children is more engaging and they believe it helps them to learn and remember what they’ve been taught. Most of all, we like seeing the enjoyment from the kids who’ve been taught Super Medics. 

We have also taken the time to develop our content so that it not only meets any of the standards set, such as those being introduced to the National Curriculum in 2020, but exceeds them. The Super Medics book not only covers the essentials, such as DRS ABC, but includes some basic physiology and some subjects which are becoming ever more common, but still not considered by the National Curriculum.

Do you have cover for Super Medics in the area I work in?

We cover the whole of the UK. If you browse our listings of current instructors, you will find that most of our intstructors are based in the South of England. This is because Super Medics has grown from a local first aid training business that covered the entire region. However our training applies, and can be delivered, nationwide.
If you found Super Medics on the web, so can your customers. And if you are one of the first in your area to take advantage of this, you will really stand out from the competition.

What will be the role of my account manager and what support will they provide me?

Your account manager is your dedicated person within the Super Medics head office team. They are there to support you and help you to grow your first aid training business with Super Medics. 
As you first point of contact your Account Manager is there for any help you need related to Super Medics. Whether you need help finding a supplier of something specific, want help on developing your marketing plans, or would like to know how to plan out lessons based on a request from a customer – we’re here to support you and help your first aid training business grow.

I'm just starting out - is Super Medics right for me?​

This depends on how much experience you have in teaching and/or first aid. Our background process requires you to have a minimum period of experience. If you are an experienced trainer and are now starting your own business, Super Medics will help give you the kickstart you are looking for. We can advise you on how to get the most from your membership, give you marketing options, and help you build your brand by publishing your customers’ feedback.

What will it cost to become a Super Medics Verified Instructor?

Super Medics Verified Instructor annual membership costs £47.50 a year (as of Sep 2023). We utilise Instructor membership fees to market within the areas that Instructors have joined, promoting your business for you. We also utilise your membership fee to cover the costs of carrying out background & safeguarding checks so we can assure the schools, clubs and groups working with a Super Medics Instructor that they are working with a qualified, insured & safe.  Contact our team on 0333 022 0999 to find out more.

How does the background & safeguarding check work?

Our trained staff will assess your suitability and complete the background check, we require:
  • Qualifications – proof that you are qualified in First Aid and have relevant teaching skills or experience.
  • Insurance – proof that you hold public liability insurance.
  • Identification – photo identification (passport/driver’s licence)
  • Safeguarding – we check that you have a relevant and current Disclosure and Barring Service check showing that you are a ‘fit and proper’ person to be teaching in an environment with children.
  • Code of Ethics and Conduct – to sign and agree to follow them
  • Credit Check on Limited Companies – we perform a Credit Check on applicants that are Limited and Limited Liability Partnership companies to check their financial history.
We carry out these checks so that we can assure Super Medics customers across the country that any Verified Instructor is a safe, knowledgable instructor that they can trust.

Do I have to buy Super Medics books?

Yes, as part of our Terms & Conditions of a Verified Instructor licence is that you maintain quality of learning through providing each child you teach with a Super Medics book, this is why we discount below the wholesale price for Verified Instructors. Your pricing structure should allow for this cost within what you charge.

Are you just advertising my listing?

No. By becoming a Super Medics Verified Instructor you are not just signing up for another service that fires out a quick marketing campaign or a set of glossy free-ads. We help you to grow your reputation through word-of-mouth – amplified through our continual marketing on this site.

At Super Medics we care about bringing together the people who want to learn, with qualified, experienced and verified instructors they can trust. Customers supply feedback about instructors – proving their credibility to other potential customers.

We care about growing your business and helping you achieve your growth goals. We add content each month to our Instructor Portal and will be running competitions across the country for our Instructors to promote to their learners, all within the cost of your Instructor membership.

Do you require IQA, EQA or other monitoring?

Yes, we ask that you provide us with either IQA or EQA reports on a regular basis, but we also believe the best people to monitor our Verified Instructors are their customers. This means, within our Terms & Conditions, we retain the right to ask you for details of the courses you have run, so we can contact your customers and ask them for their feedback.

This feedback lets customer comment and score you in different areas of first aid instruction. Customers’ names and addresses are never published, and we do not publish feedback received, it is used for internal quality purposes only. 
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