FIRST AID ENRICHMENT ACTIVITIES for children and young people

First Aid Workshop 

Our Super Medics® Basic Life Support course covers the core basics in how to contact the emergency services and practical, hands-on, experience of how to follow our DRS ABC protocol:

D – Danger
R – Response
S – Shout for Help
A – Airway
B – Breathing
C – CPR / Call for an Ambulance

The course also includes:

  • What should be in the contents of a First Aid kit.
  • A practical, hands-on, session to gain confidence in the us a defibrillator (AED).
  • How to help an unresponsive casualty, who is breathing normally. 
  • How to place a casualty in the Recovery Position.
  • How to help a person who is choking.
  • The differences in helping adults, children & babies. 

3 hour


Any safe, suitable venue

Max Learners

Ideally 16 
but up to 32

Formal Assessment



Certificate of Attendance 


Super Medics Book included

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Exceeds the National Curriculum Requirements

All our Super Medics courses not only meet, but exceed, the requirements of the new 2020 National Curriculum Requirements for Personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education in England. We have designed course content around the relevant Key Stage year groups to ensure that Children have the knowledge and skills needed to be confident in their actions and to help save a life, should the need ever arise.
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Designed to meet the teaching needs of all children

Although our courses are initially designed for children in Key Stage 2 (ages 7 – 11) we provide alternative versions for Key Stage 1 (ages 3 – 6) and for teenagers (ages 11 – 16) utilising relevant language, appropriate for the age groups concerned.
created by

Hannah Alsbury-Morris

Like the best things created, Super Medics was born out of necessity. Super Medics’® author, Hannah Alsbury-Morris, wrote the course as there wasn’t anything informative & engaging of the standard she required when she wanted to start teaching First Aid to Children.  
As an Paramedic, Hannah used her knowledge and the support of healthcare professionals such as Midwives and Paediatric A&E Nurses to develop the course. Super Medics is written by people who all have hands-on experience of treating patients in response to both paediatric and adult emergency 999 calls. 
Throughout the development of Super Medics we’ve consistently involved Key Stage 2 pupils in the development of our workbook. All medical text in the Super Medics book has the oversight of a registered Paramedic with many years of clinical experience. 
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