Engaging Illustrations Through Every Page

The illustrations are captivating, and there's even a delightful 'Super Wormy' character to spot on every page. The text is carefully crafted to explain concepts clearly to young readers.
Not your average children's book

Empowering Kids with Life-Saving Knowledge

Super Medics is not your average children's book. It's a fun, colourful, and informative resource that introduces first aid to kids in an exciting way. Inside its pages, your child will learn what to do when someone is unwell or injured, how to call 999, handle choking situations, deal with burns, wounds, asthma attacks, put someone in the recovery position, perform CPR, and more.
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More than just the 'national curriculum' requirement

All state-funded schools in England must include first aid as part of health education. Super Medics provides all the essential resources for kids to learn these life-saving skills, and exceeds all the requirements of the 2020 National Curriculum standards.
Kids love learning first aid skills through the Super Medics course, and it's great to see their confidence in these new-found skills developing. I wrote the Super Medics book because there wasn't an engaging first aid book for kids, and I felt they really needed one. My kids and their friends love it.

Hannah Alsbury-Morris

Paramedic & Author of Super Medics
About the author

Hannah Alsbury-Morris

  • Qualified Paramedic
  • 10 years experience with the Ambulance Service
  • Lead a team of 999 First Responders
  • Her 2 kids helped design the book!

Are you ready to equip your child with essential first aid knowledge that can make a difference in their life and the lives of others? 

From handling everyday bumps and bruises to confidently responding in emergencies, it's never too early to start learning basic first aid skills.

Be Prepared, Be Super!

Don't wait! Help your child become a Super Medic and be ready to tackle any first aid challenge that comes their way. Start the journey to confidence, preparedness, and life-saving skills today!

Take Action Now

Encourage your child to dive into Super Medics, explore the vivid illustrations, and absorb valuable lessons from our engaging characters. These skills aren't just theoretical; they're practical tools that can empower your child to be a hero in real-life situations.

A note for First Aid Instructors

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