Teaching Life Savings Skills to Children

The Super Medics team guide young learners through the essential skills needed to help someone in need, whilst making learning fun, age appropriate and building confidence.


Teachers packs & more

We offer a variety of teaching packs for schools (KS1, KS2 and above) or we can come and teach for you, whether you want an assembly, a workshop or a full day of enrichment activities.


After School, Holiday & Sports Clubs

Whether it's term time or not, Super Medics has been set up so it can be taught in modules. Each with their own engaging learning activities.


Beavers, Rainbows, Cubs,  Brownies, Scouts, Guides & more... 

We help children's group leaders provide a fun, engaging, way to deliver basic first aid knowledge & skills.

What does Super Medics cover?

Depending on the course chosen, our courses include:

Calling an Ambulance

What to expect when you call 999. How to get the help needed and what you can do to help an injured person whilst you are waiting for help to arrive. 

Common Injuries

What to look out for when you find someone you think is injured. How to find out more about what has happened and examples of questions to ask to find out more.

CPR & Defibrillators

What to do in the case of a cardiac arrest. How to carry out the necessary checks before you start CPR, what to do during CPR and how to use a defibrillator (AED).

Helping a casualty

What happens when the ambulance arrives, how to update people on what you’ve done to look after an injured person and how you can continue to help.
and much more about basic physiology and first aid...

Classes for Children

We deliver a variety of classes, workshops and session for children to learn first aid, from the essential basics to the full content of the Super Medics first aid book for children.

Classes for Parents & Carers

Our parent and carer classes don't just teach you first aid, but give you the skills and confidence to pass on the knowledge to the little people in your lives.

Qualification Courses

We offer a full industry accredited First Aid qualifications to support our instructors, schools and club/group leaders

Get involved, become a 

Don't just take our word for it

What the kids learning Super Medics say... 

I enjoyed leaning how to save someone's life. I have learnt lots of different things I would of never learnt... If you haven't learnt how to save someone's life, I would recommend it!
Lachlan, Year 5
It is very educational but also very fund. My favourite part of Super Medics is DRS ABC and learning how to do CPR!
Grace, YEAR 5
I really enjoyed Super Medics because I know what to do in an emergency
Sabina, Year 3
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We don't just meet the National curriculum

Our lessons exceed all National Curriculum Requirements for First Aid

What to do in an emergency
How to get help in an emergency
Helping a casualty in an emergency
and much more to build confidence for first aiders to act & help those in need

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